Leader company since 1985


Roycan Center


Since 1985 we have been committed and dedicated exclusively to facilitate efficient and customized alternatives to the educational centres and we’ve satisfied their language and multimedia needs.

We were born from the educational world itself; consequently we are acquainted with the learning reality, and therefore we have become the leaders in the design, creation and installation of this type of laboratories.

We are growing up day by day

Our expansion through Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Portugal and others European countries confirms and reinforces day by day our commitment with the educational world that we are intending to serve. Thanks to our perseverance, Roycan is proud of being the company that has installed more than 4.000 laboratories.

Following Trends & Searching Innovation

Roycan has an R+D department which main aim is to investigate and develop new products to meet the future educative necessities. Among all the resources coming from the new technologies, we investigate which of them are more useful to the teaching. Our main objetive is to offer global solutions.

One step ahead. Always at the forefront of innovation.

As a leading company in the educative area, Roycan incorporates the new technology in its working process. Only in this way, we can aspire to meet the ambitious aim of being the market leader company. We are pretending to apply the Information Technology to the teaching process for getting a maximum profitability.

Roycan Center

Our R+D centre is placed the head offices of Roycan in Valencia (Spain), where you can find the prototypes of our laboratories which were fitted with the major advances of the multimedia sector. We invite those people or institutions that want to know in situ our products to visit our installations, we will make them a real demonstration of our laboratories.

Technical Assitance and Maintenance Service

Teacher using Optimas interface
Flet of vans

Pedagogical support

Teachers and trainers need to adapt themselves to new technologies and for that reason they should do an additional effort. Even the best equipment would become useless if teachers did not know how to use it. Roycan provides teachers with the necessary knowledge to obtain the best results from our laboratories. Pedagogical advice and assistance will help teachers to answer the frequent questions they come up when handling new equipment.

How does it work? Our highly skilled technicians prepare final users to use the laboratories… which keys to press, how to solve the little technical problems, how to handle the different devices…

Methodological training

What is it for? Our Pedagogic Dept. co-operate with teachers to obtain the best didactic outcome that we can get from these laboratories. This is done in their own centres via seminars and methodological training courses with didactic examples, exchanging experiences… This course that allows the teaching staff to use our laboratories with success is given soon after the installation is completed. In addition to this training course, Roycan provides an on-going training through our web page. The latter is designed exclusively to IT applied to education; it is free and open to suggestions from professionals from the education sector.

Permanent assistance

Placing an order with Roycan entitles you to a series of benefits inherent to the installation of our laboratories. These include a permanent assistance that guarantees the correct functioning of our equipments. Roycan manufactures all the electronic systems as well as its furniture and is responsible for the installed computer systems that have been set up by us.

Quality Policy



Roycan, committed to the improvement of services and environment respect, has and maintains a quality system and environmental certificate since 2002.

The ROYCAN management, based upon the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standard and having the involvement and colaboration of its employees, sets up the following action principles regarding the quality and environment policy:

  • We constantly improve the quality in the Design, production, sale, installation and maintenance of the multimedia classrooms, in order to get the best satisfaction of our clients.
  • We make a great effort to improve our environment acting by means of the establishment of various actions focused to the prevention of the impacts that our activities can generate.
  • We commit to fulfil all the applied requirements even the legal and the statutory requirements.
  • We promote the training of all our human resources by means of actions focused to the formation and sensibilitation of our employees.
  • We provide the necessary means in order to minimize the mistakes and to prevent their appearances.
  • We take the advantage of the information flow the system supplies, even the information supplied by the clients and other parts related with the company, in order to improve constantly.