Assessment Module

The most innovative solution to design tasks and create tests, saving time and increasing productivity.

A comprehensive set of questionnaires, statistical capabilities and control and monitoring parameters, which allows the teacher to design multitude of evaluation tasks to test the students and keep records of the students’ progress.

  • MatchingMatching
  • True or FalseTrue or False
  • Multiple choiceMultiple choice
  • Filling the gapsFilling the gaps
  • Short questionsShort questions
  • Open questionsOpen questions
  • CompositionsCompositions
  • listIt is managed from the Teacher’s Interface.
  • listTasks can be organized by subjects, levels, lessons and kind of activities.
  • listTasks can be grouped together in questionnaires and those can be sent to students when the teacher wishes so.
  • listThe set of questionnaires can be created in a customized way or they can be created using random activities.
  • listAudio-visual files can be added to the tasks with the possibility to set up how many times students can listen to / watch them.
  • listThe battery of tasks can be modified at any moment, attending to the different learning needs of students.
  • listA complete system of automatic assessment of the activities with reports of the students’ progress is available.
  • listThe teacher can have access to records with all the students’ results and individual progress of any student.
  • listThe system offers also the possibility to import other lessons and activities created on a SCORM platform.
Assessment Module