Since 1985 we have been committed and dedicated exclusively to facilitate efficient and customized alternatives to the educational centres and we’ve satisfied their language and multimedia needs.

We were born from the educational world itself; consequently we are acquainted with the learning reality, and therefore we have become the leaders in the design, creation and installation of this type of laboratories.

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In Roycan we are committed to new technologies, applied to teaching, could become an increasingly widespread and better used reality.

We always seek improvements to our systems and incorporate the latest technological advances to meet current and future teaching needs.

International market

Our presence in different countries and continents increases day by day, and this confirm our Know-How and the compromise with Technology and education.

We have more than 4.000 installations, being present in all the levels and educational institutions.

Quality and sustainability

We are committed to improving services and respect for the enviroment, therefore, we have a disciplined system of quality and environment, certified since 2002.

All the Roycan staff follows the main principles in terms of quality and environmental management of the standard ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 norms.

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