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Netmagic is the ultimate multimedia Language Laboratory. A pedagogic environment supporting educational centres that need the latest technology in order to be able to provide quality teaching, using practical, user-friendly equipment.

Netmagic is made up of a set of innovative tools which allow the teacher to teach the students in a highly interactive and motivating way. Its use is not limited to languages. It can be used to teach any subject.

Optimas School

Optimas technology for language learning

Netmagic includes Optimas, the most advanced technology available in the field of language learning. It provides high levels of communication in the classroom by means of tools which allow the creation of groups, pairs, conversations and chats, as well as allowing you to watch videos and listen to audio, permitting remote control of computers, etc.

Multidisciplinary teaching

Multidisciplinary teaching

Netmagic includes specific tools for language learning, as well as for practical exercises in translating and interpretation. Nevertheless, it can be used for any discipline. It allows you to get the most out of the classroom through multiple activities, especially those related to computer use and communications.

A complete turn-key classroom

A complete turn-key classroom

The Netmagic laboratory is handed over to the centre fully equipped and operative from day one. It includes the installation of all the networks and cabling, the teacher’s and students’ furniture, as well as the multimedia and computer equipment. Shipment of the goods and installation services available.

Educational Resources and Services

Educational Resources and Services

The lab is provided with pedagogical material with practical examples of the usage of the Language Lab and moreover it is complemented with proper services to make the classroom profitable from the first day, thanks to a complete set of training programs, specially designed for teachers.

For further information about OPTIMAS technology, kindly download OPTIMAS descriptive overview.

Netmagic includes

A central piece of equipment to administer the classroom. It includes an external public address system and advanced audio features. More here.

Multiple Recording Module
This allows the teacher to programme the simultaneous recording of all the class in order to do oral exams. Find out more about here.

DLL (Digital Language Lab)
A digital recorder/player which can be used to design highly motivating learning projects for the students. Find out more about here.

Communication equipment
Built into the desks. The micro headsets are connected to this piece of equipment.

Headphones with a built-in microphone
Provide perfect acoustic isolation and noise reduction.

Computer equipment
Computers in the students’ workstations as well as the teacher’s console. Fully configured with language and multimedia tools​.

Ergonomic, extremely safe design which hides the computers from view. Find out more about here.

Electrical and computer networks installed in all the workstations in the classroom.

Training and pedagogical help for the teaching staff.

Shipment & Installation
Shipment of the goods and installation services available.


Assessment Module

Assessment Module

To programme exercises and tests and maintain records of student progress (includes statistical tools). More here.

Document camera

Document camera

To capture, record and/ or broadcast any image.

Wireless microphone

Wireless microphone

This can be used by the teacher anywhere in the classroom.

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