Be different in teaching languages

Learning by doing

Digital Language Labs with
Optimas Technology

Optimas Technology is a solution that turns any Computer classroom into the most complete and sophisticated Language Lab. This solution significantly accelerates learning process and language teaching, as it involves teachers and students to participate actively in the different activities developed in the classroom. In this way it achieves an higher involvement than the traditional learning environments and also an optimization of the time spent in this process. Moreover, students can develop the four fundamental skills to learn a language, achieving a total linguistic immersion.

4 habilidades

Listening, speaking, Reading and writing. The Optimas Technology integrates in one tool all the functions related to language learning.

Digital Language Lab

Get the tool to permit them to learn by doing.

The language lab enhances students skills and achieve a high linguistic immersion and attention to the diversity. It permits students to develop innumerable types of exercises, that increase creativity, innovation and continuous training. The technological tool that stimulates teamwork and collaboration, in addition to satisfying the new educational and social needs.

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It achieves effective teaching. Tomorrow they will thank you.

Optimas Technology permits the use of any pedagogical resource in order to get a complete teaching. Moreover, it facilitates communication and interactivity amongst teacher and students.

While the teacher guides the students in the teaching process, at the same time, they can monitor the evolution of students learning.

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Set up a motivating environment. For you, for them.

A language lab encourages participation and integration of students in the different activities realized in the classroom.

An interactive environment increases students involvement, so learning becomes more effective and enjoyable.

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