Client Testimonials who are enjoying OPTIMAS Technology

Juan Ramon Jimenez School in Martorell

"The Optimas system provides control over the classroom, which saves time and is very easy. We use it for our classes with children from 6 to 12 years old, where it is necessary to switch up some activities and break the monotony in the classroom, so the Optimas is very handy. There are many functions and, frankly, we only use certain ones, which facilitate our work with the material we use in class, but the possibilities are endless.
It is also very easy to adapt to it, it is very intuitive and fast, it speeds up the work of the teacher and you can work with it immediately."  

Sandra Asensio and Montse Sansano,
English teachers,
Juan Ramón Jimenez School,
Barcelona, Spain.


Faculty of Philology, UCM

"Digital language laboratories are much more than a tool for training and listening discursive language, they are places to study and experiment with real samples of languages​​, learn languages ​​and exercise in their use. So they are configured using multimedia technology, communications and flexible and open organizational models with any necessary tool to process philological materials.

All this and much more is what you get with language laboratories, a complete tool to put in the service of teachers and students the latest technology for teaching."  

Ana Fernández-Pampillón Cesteros,
Associate Dean of Technologies Applied to Philology (2007-2014),
Faculty of Philology, UCM,
Madrid, Spain

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Antoni Roig C.E.I.P.

"It is indisputable, the real possibility provided by the Roycan Languages Laboratory to provide personal attention in the process of student learning. It is also easy to monitor the work being done, the time it takes, and the difficulties or achievements with rapid responses.
The Antoni Roig school has always been noted for valuation of new technologies. But it was with the creation of the language laboratory that they chose a method based on ..."  

Maria Luisa,
Antoni Roig C.E.I.P. in Torredembarra,
Tarragona, Spain.


Cégep de Jonquière Public College

"Although it took us a certain time to feel completely comfortable using the most important functions as it takes practice to remember the order of operations to get to the desired result, all the teachers are now able to have students work in pairs or in groups, block the students’ computers when they want to have their attention and broadcast their screen on the students’ computers. Our contact at Roycan has always been very helpful and considerate, and we have felt like the company really cared about us being happy with their product. We have been using this system for almost two years now. I would definitely recommend the Optimas School system."  

Jean-Michel Dôme,
ESL Department Coordinator,
Cégep de Jonquière Public College,
Quebec, Canada.


Maritime Fisheries I.F.P. of Las Palmas of Gran Canari

"For us, the Roycan Languages Laboratory has greatly improved the control the teacher has on the students. Thanks to its software, the teacher has full control of the classroom so they can take the reins of the class at all times, optimizing time and taking advantage of the 8 broadcast channels so they can speed up the pace of the class. They simply have to prepare the session a little. In addition, we have also noticed how our classes have been enriched with the new resources. Videos, presentations, audio ... have allowed us to create more dynamic and ..."  

Juan Socorro,
Maritime Fisheries I.F.P.,
Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, Spain.


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